Are Multiplayer Games the Future of Education?

Marc Gerl and I have had a lot of discussions on just such a classroom. It seems to me that school already has a lot of elements of games. There is a scoring system and a set of rules (although these may be arbitrary and ill-defined). It would be nice to see more cooperative elements, as well as a broader point system. Currently the scoring system relies primarily on testing, which is pretty dubious for measuring much of what we might consider the goals of a school. Also, I’d like to see some better replay action. What’s the point of taking a test once, and having that score stand for the rest of your education? Wouldn’t it make more sense to have to retake an exam until passing? Do any successful games work that way, where you only get to play a level one time?

I’d really like to see a truly and thoroughly gamified classroom in action! 

From The Atlantic:

Are Multiplayer Games the Future of Education

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