Some days I can’t believe I get paid for this

It’s the first day back for my 6th grade computer science class, and I couldn’t be happier. After a couple years of tweaking the format, and moving some of the technology (google apps) down into some lower grades, I’ve had the best first class ever. I just can’t wait to get into some of the lessons I have planned. Here is the basic outline of what I’m going to cover.


6th Grade CS

Boot Camp

Getting up and running with documents, printing, logging in, yada yada yada I know you all know this stuff already but we kinda have to cover it anyway I promise I’ll move quickly but we have to make sure everyone knows the basics.

Digital Citizenship



Potential pitfalls with posting online

Good practices for posting online


What is a computer, anyway?

Taking it apart – computer dissection

All about computer memory. I think.

Giving your computer the boot – how your computer starts up.


Let’s do lunch! Or, what’s a network?

All the wires!

What’s the internet? And where is it, anyway?

Way too many acronyms – how it works, and how to fix it (sometimes).


Binary numbers, or how to count to 1.

Ascii, and you will receive. Turning numbers into text.

Pictures, movies, sounds!

Copyright, or copy-wrong?


How to make sure no one else knows you’re writing a love-letter!

Some things we may do along the way


Presentation software

Logic gates – how computers work at a really, really, really small level

Super Secret Grand Challenge