New Studio!

Some time ago, a parent approached us with an interest to help build a recording studio. Recording is a hobby of his, and his children are musicians. Having our kids recording their music is right up our alley philosophically, so we were very excited about the possibilities! It took us nearly a year to plan, design, build, and train. Late last school year, the studio was completed! The studio is all professional-grade equipment. We’re a little limited with our space, but we were able to add reasonable soundproofing and windows into the main music room and control room. All this was just in time, too, as our very talented music teacher Stephen Roberts was able to have our graduating 8th grade class record a song for their graduation video. The goal, as Stephen put it, was to have the parents “cry out of both eyes.” And it was completely successful. I can’t wait to see how this integrates into our program next year. I had a small part of the planning, and was able to add some artwork to the finished room – a friend had just given me a vintage Fender catalog as a gift. Here is what the studio looks like.

Control room
Recording room
Wall art from a vintage Fender catalog

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