3D Printed Guns

Less than an hour into the new school, and I’ve already had my first question on 3D printed guns! So much hype over this story. Essentially, files that were already out there were briefly made legal. I’m sure they were spread around even further, and probably some new guns will be printed. I think you’d have to be insane to actually fire one of those, though. The materials used are not made for those kind of forces to begin with. There may be some resin printers out there with materials that could handle it, but the price would be insanely high. Also, the rarity of the printers would mean the print would be fairly easy to trace.¬†There are metal printers, but that defeats the main purpose of having it 3D printed. Also, those printers are super expensive, and probably easy to track.¬†

The biggest issue with the story, though, is that in the US guns are unbelievably cheap and easy to get. Why would anyone bother printing one and risking losing a hand firing it, when you can get a safe one cheaper? I can only hope that MORE people try to print these guns, so that these idiots lose their trigger fingers.


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