On Screen Time

How Schools Are Bringing Common Sense, Mindfulness to Screen Time

I’m really pretty tired of the term “screen time.” Implicit in the phrase is the idea that all time spent with technology is equivalent, when nothing could be further from the truth. It is no more useful than being concerned about “eat time,” when what is consumed could be broccoli or vodka. The nature, context, and amount of anything has to be taken into account when deciding how much concern should be applied. Unfortunately, that doesn’t make for good, scary headlines. I absolutely agree that students (and everyone else) should be mindful of how long they spend on certain activities. But it makes a difference whether a student is clicking through the latest dank memes for an hour well past midnight, or spending three hours struggling with a tricky computer animation or audio production after school. The amount of time in front a screen is only one factor, and definitely not the most important. Maybe a better article would be How Schools Are Bringing Common Sense and Mindfulness to Teens. That’s an article I could really get behind!

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