My office

One of the things I’ve tried to do is make my office an inspirational learning environment for the kids (and for me as well!). When I first moved into the office, it was a pretty standard wiring closet. About a quarter of the wall space was taken up by wiring, and the rest was covered by disorganized boxes and shelves. It was exactly what you would expect from a utility closet with no regular visitors. I almost immediately began redecorating. I discarded boxes and boxes of obsolete and unused equipment, got rid of old shelving units, took everything out that could be moved, and cleaned. Then I had the walls and floor painted. I swiped the color scheme from our front lobby, so it looked pretty nice. The only part I couldn’t get to was the plywood mounting board on the walls. I couldn’t paint the wires or equipment, of course, so they remained a sickly yellow. I brought in a faux leather chair to encourage visitors, and some Ikea storage units. I found some interesting wall coverings (like a beautiful map of submarine internet cables). Later, I built a custom desk with a beautiful copper epoxy top. The idea is to make the office interesting enough to get the kids asking questions. It seems to work, as most days I have a steady stream of kids in to see if anything new has been added.

Still working on getting a 360 shot to work with the Gutenberg interface. Stay tuned.

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