Back to my favorite library!

I’m up in Charlevoix, MI for a while, which means I get to visit my favorite library. Charlevoix is a city of under 3000 people, although the population spikes significantly in the summers. But the library is huge – I’ve seen smaller libraries serving areas with ten times as many people. Apparently the city ended up with an unused school, and decided to produce the library of every librarian’s dreams. Billed as “the community’s livingroom,” the library really does feel like you’ve stepped into a vacation cottage. The atmosphere is open and full of natural light, with Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired architecture and artwork scattered everywhere. There are comfortable chairs and tables throughout the buildings, many with some amount of seclusion. There are private study rooms and two auditoriums. There is a quiet reading room, a history room, and two separate teen rooms. The children’s wing is larger than some community libraries I’ve visited, with a large reading room and many separate areas for activities, reading, and technology. There are 3D printers, computers, puzzles and games. It seems that whatever it is you’d like to pursue, if it can be done in a library, they’ve found a way to cater to it.

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